10 Best Infographics of 2020

10 Best Infographics of 2020

Infographics are a visual representation of any form of data or information. They can aid you to present information in an attractive visual graphic. Not only is their content snackable; bite-size but it is also sharable. They may include a step-by-step guide, a study on market trends, and much more according to your needs.  

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Many firms incorporate infographics in their marketing strategy since they are fun, engaging, and easily shared. Moreover, they can help a marketer to increase website traffic, boost brand awareness, visibility, and engagement. Similarly, educators can use these to explain complicated information by breaking it down into bit-size content. Nonprofits can also use it to raise awareness about a social cause.

There are thousands of infographics on the web however it all comes down to how various graphic elements such as icons, colors, images, fonts, and illustrations are integrated to explain a topic in a compelling yet simple way. We have compiled a list of the 10 best infographics of 2020.

Cheetah, Nature’s Speed Machine - Infographics

1. Cheetah, Nature’s Speed Machine:

The three-column infographic is a treat to the eye. Not only is this art-piece informative but it incorporates appealing colors and visuals. It mentions in-depth details about Cheetah’s speed, vision, organs, paws, and so on. 

Moreover, the cheetah’s Gif in the infographic is awe-inspiring. The animated infographic uses symbols to impact the reader such as the use of a sports car and speedometer to indicate the cheetah’s speed.

Snackable Satisfaction - Infographics

2. Snackable Satisfaction:

This infographic is about snackable content and it does a great job of informing the readers about the topic. No matter how boring or complex the content is, the writing style is what draws in the readers. Additionally, this infographic depicts a clear view of every detail. 

Further, this content form uses statistics to indicate its credibility. It states the basics of snackable content, tips for creating good bite-size content, and stats on the advertising industry. Besides, their design is unique, creative but the most important element is the colorful graphics. 

30 Shots - infographics

3. 30 Shots:

A simple, minimal yet effective infographic about how to make a cocktail. Assorted shots are admired by many people and they are represented well in this infographic. There are 30 recipes of various shots with interesting ingredients. Due to the mute background, the colors of every cocktail stand out to the reader. 

Similarly, the use of a gradient creates a realistic representation of the alcoholic concoctions. Further, there’s no need for large text or arrows since the concoction colors do all the work. It is useful since each recipe only needs three to four ingredients thus is easy to recreate.

Visualizing the Economics of Coffee -  infographics

4. Visualizing the Economics of Coffee:

What better way to learn about the stages of coffee production than through an in-depth infographic. Anyone that purchased coffee participated in the $200 billion global coffee chain without even realizing it. However, only a few of us understand the coffee’s journey from beans to cup. 

Various stages mentioned in this graphic include growing, exporting, roasting, distribution, and retail. Each stage includes the production cost per cup (475ml), essential statistical data, and striking visuals.  

Infographic of coffee production

5. Making Billions:

Although there is nothing special about the data presented however this graphic shows similar faces like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. This infographic was released back in April 2020 however, Jeff Bezos’s spot has been taken by Elon R Musk with a total net worth of $201B. 

Moreover, this graphic mentions the world’s richest people across various categories. Some of these categories include top 10 women, top 10 in China, top 10 youngest, top 10 newcomers, top 10 in tech, and top 10 in finance.

Font Psycology

6. Font Psychology and Pop Culture:

This design was created by Venngage to explore the psychological effects of using various fonts on the target audience. They combined pop culture and psychology to have an everlasting effect on readers. Similarly, they mainly targeted millennials and Gen Z to increase awareness since 70% of Gen Z and 65% of millennials use Netflix

Further, this infographic referenced some of the most popular Netflix shows. From “Stranger Things” to “13 Reasons Why”, this design states what each typography represents about the viewers’. Additionally, it also depicts what genre, trends, and mood do they point to. For instance, users that watched “Riverdale” are shown as quirky and fun while “Ozark” viewers are indicated as bold and dramatic. 

chart showing psycological effects of various fonts

7. Food and Wine Pairing Science:

Wine Folly represents the best pairing with this wine and food pairing infographic. Furthermore, this chart is informative and visually appealing. Radiant Venn diagrams are also used to represent shared pairing. Some of the food categories mentioned include meat, dairy, vegetables, starch, herbs, and sweet. 

Behind the internet curtain

8. Behind The Internet Curtain:

This design is the best representation of the power of white text on non-black, dark background. White and black can either be harsh for the eyes or boring but not in this case. Further, this infographic illustrates the internet pathway from home computers to data centers.

Shaffice logo

9. The ABC of Design:

Every graphic designer has different perceptions of design. This infographic states 26 essential words and describes their meaning via stylish graphics. From Aesthetics to symmetry to zing, this design explains how a designer should use certain elements to communicate their thoughts and ideas. In addition, the ABCs of design are elements that every visual design has in common.

Infographic showing diseases

10. Visualizing the History of Pandemics:

In 2020, COVID-19  swept the world and crashed markets worldwide. Although this virus is unique, however, the history of various pandemics dates back to Roman times. 

This infographic compared the death toll of COVID-19 with other pandemics. Some of the pandemics mentioned are Antonine plague, smallpox, cholera 6 outbreak, HIV, Ebola, and many more. 

We are still in the COVID-19 pandemic and the final impact is yet uncertain. Nonetheless, 2020 was defined by this deathly pandemic and we hope that things get better with time.  

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, infographics are an amazing advertising strategy for lead generation, capturing a prospect’s interest, and increasing customer engagement.

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