Top 6 Instagram Business Tips and Tricks for 2021

Top 6 Instagram Business Tips and Tricks for 2021

Research shows that Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users, a highly engaged audience, and less competition, as compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. According to a report by Hootsuite, Instagram is not only the sixth most popular website, but it has the fourth-highest number of mobile app users. Additionally, Instagram is among the top ten search queries on Google.

Instagram allows businesses to market their products to a more targeted and interested audience. All without spending huge amounts of money on paid advertisements. There are various formats offered by Instagram. For instance, you can upload photos, short videos known as Boomerangs, along with short, entertaining videos called Reels. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks you can use to better promote your business on Instagram and better meet your goals and objectives. 

Some Tips and Tricks to Improve your Instagram businesses include conducting thorough research, effectively using Instagram hashtags, optimizing your Instagram bio, offering exclusivity, examining your growth, and being creative. Let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Be Thorough with Your Business and Competitor Research

Prioritizing Research and competitor analysis is a common Instagram business tip but highly essential nonetheless. Nothing matches exhaustive competitor analysis and business research to create an effective and useful Instagram marketing strategy. Therefore, you should search which topics and themes are preferred by your target audience in your specific industry. Furthermore, pay close attention to what your competitors are up to, along with what content type strikes a chord with your target users. Starting with the right resources and information means fewer course-corrections and wasted time in the future.

2. Make Smart Use of Your ‘Instagram Bio’

Your Instagram bio is one of the many things users will notice when they click on your business handle. Thus, you should ensure that you choose those 150 characters wisely. Moreover, you should focus on your USP or your next big thing – whether it is a promotion, event, or product launch. Your bio, including the photo and logo, should capture the essence of your brand. Furthermore, it must also give people a reason to follow you instantly.

You can include links to promote your website, market current campaigns, new launches, and offers. Creating a niche following on Instagram not only enhances your website conversion rate but also helps you funnel quality traffic.

3. Utilize Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are highly essential for expanding your reach. They may be general or campaign-specific but make sure they go hand-in-hand with your product or page. Additionally, don’t forget to set up your company name as a hashtag (#yourbrandname) and use it on Instagram. Further, don’t underestimate the power that lies in hashtags. They make it easy for Instagram users to not only find content relevant to your product but also your main account. They are a great tool to allow people who don’t follow your business to discover your brand.

A useful tip for businesses on Instagram is to explore which industry hashtags are trending and popular. Similarly, you should also search hashtags used by your competitors along with the ones that you haven’t used before and you can incorporate those into your brand strategy. Research shows that almost 30 hashtags can be integrated into a post while up to 10 hashtags can be used in your brand’s story. Further, using at most six to seven hashtags will aid you in improving your reach. In case you want a clean caption, you can use useful and relevant hashtags in the comments section too.

4. Show What You Do in a Creative Way

On Instagram, it’s fundamental to offer some incentive for your clients and look appealing to boost engagement. If your brand is service-oriented, you should focus on displaying the process behind providing the service or product creation process.

– Use Instagram Stories

Stories make it simple to try different things with various substance types including, videos, photographs, stickers, live video, and filters. You must be innovative and creative to use vibrant tones to your advantage. This can help generate great traffic on your business page. For Instagram stories, look for locations and hashtags to make them more discoverable.

– Try IGTV

Instagram IGTV is an element that allows users to upload long yet informative videos to the platform. IGTV videos are longer and provide you with opportunities to make creative, interesting, and relevant video content for you and your customers. The popularity of long-structure video is on the ascent, and it is an incredible opportunity to begin experimenting!

5. Offer Exclusivity and Build Anticipation

For an advertising effort to be successful, it is fundamental to keep your clients keen on your campaigns. Create interest for your new releases, office openings, or stores, or make mystery images that create anticipation. You can reward your loyal clients by providing them exclusive content and make them feel even more connected with your brand. Notify these loyal clients and let them be the first to know about new items, events, or services. This sort of preview causes your Instagram followers to feel significant and keeps them returning for more insider data.

6. Examine Your Growth and Supplement It

Social media management tools and apps can help you to track your growth. Check your real-time data along with analytics to examine how your content is performing. You can use automation tools to schedule your Instagram campaigns ahead of time and leverage Social media analytics for measuring campaign success. Don’t forget to regularly measure your clicks, engagement, and follower count to enhance your strategy. Try to routinely gauge your devotee check, commitment, and snaps, all to refine and improve your procedure.

Final Thoughts:

In the highly competitive digital market, running paid adverts on Instagram is instrumental since more than two million businesses advertise on this platform every month. Your ability to incorporate easy, convenient calls-to-action (CTAs) makes it simpler for your followers to contact you. You can even apply for an Instagram verification badge, which can help you certify your authenticity and aid you in building customer trust.

For digital marketing in 2021, all these tips should help effectively improve your social media reach. If you are struggling to improvise the social media marketing strategy, let an expert digital marketing firm like AdRush Digital take care of it for you. In addition to email marketing, we can also provide you assistance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Performance Marketing. 

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